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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AG Embassy Pro Books Different?
To sum it up, it is our vast experience and our knowledge of prepress, printing and binding. We have been in the graphic arts industry for over three generations and have become one of the largest prepress and digital printing providers in North America. Unlike most of our competitors that have evolved from the photo finishing business, we truly understand how to produce a high quality coffee table book.

Why is understanding CYMK color printing important?
It is really important to understand that a photo book is a printed product not a photo finishing product. Reproducing color images for printing is much different that reproducing color images for photo finishing. Printing requires the use of a CYMK color space, whereas photo finishing uses an RGB color space. The printing expertise lies in the ability to convert an RGB color space (which has a much wider color gamut) to a CMYK color space (which is a much smaller color gamut). What that means is that RGB images are much more vibrant, but when you convert to CMYK for printing they lose some of their vibrancy. The key is to understand how to color convert RGB images for CYMK printing and minimizing the loss of image quality. Embassy’s color conversion tables are the best in the industry. Period.  They are not off the shelf color conversion settings or plug ins. They are custom built based on over 20 years of experience of color management as it relates to fine quality print reproduction. As a matter of fact, Embassy is used for custom color correcting by some of the largest book publishers in the industry, such as, Williams Sonoma, Disney / Pixar and Random House to name a few.

What makes your binding department different?
Our Binding Department is Library Certified, which means our binding technology, process and people are recognized as among the best in the industry.

What binding method do you use?
Pro Books are side stitched and glued, unlike most competing products which are only glued. Stitched binding is used in fine quality books because of its longevity and durability. Our binding process allows us to guarantee that the pages in our books will not fall out with heavy use. Glued only binding on coated papers is very susceptible to pages falling out, therefore we will not use it.

What type of materials do you use?
We believe that if you want a superior product you need to use superior materials. Our Pro Book line does not sacrifice quality materials for cost savings. Our cover board is 120 pt not the standard 100pt. This gives the book as higher quality feels and reduces warping of the cover. Our printed photo covers are gloss laminated and tightly glued to the cover board. Our dust jackets are double laminated for added durability and longevity. Our fabric materials include library quality linens and genuine bonded leather (not simulated). Our paper stock is a bright white, 115 lb, acid free, archival quality paper which comes in a gloss or silk finish. Our end sheets are 115 lb that are available in white or black. Our Vellum first sheet is a high quality 30lb translucent sheet.

What printing equipment do you use?
Our books are printed on the latest HP Indigo printing presses. The covers and dust jackets are inkjet. For long run books we use Heidelberg printing presses. In all cases all our books are printed with ink on paper, no toner based printing.

Do you guarantee the quality of your books?
Yes, absolutely. We wouldn’t have it any other way. In the event that any of our books have a manufacturing defect, send us a digital photograph of the defect. If after our inspection we agree there is a manufacturing defect, simply return the book at our expense and we will ship you a new book at no additional cost. If the book is damaged during shipping, we will also replace your book at no additional cost. Any manufacturing defect or shipping damage must be reported within 2 business days after receipt.


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