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How to Build an AG Embassy Pro Book

Embassy Pro Books Creation and Submission Requirements.

We've provided a set of Photoshop® custom templates. These are custom pages, with the correct dimensions and resolution already set up. Please use these custom templates as your starting point.

Using the custom templates is very easy. Open the custom template in Photoshop® and place your images on the template and create your layouts. You are only restricted by your imagination.

Step 1: How to Select A Template
  • Open the Custom Templates from the download page.
  • Unzip or unstuff the files for the book size you require.
  • Create your pages using Photoshop and save each page as a JPEG file into one folder, maintaining the file names on the templates.
Notes On Using Templates
  • It is essential that you use these templates, with size and guides unaltered, to insure your book is printed to the size and specifications you require.
  • The templates are in JPEG format. When you place your images, you will automatically create layers.
  • Flatten your layers before submitting your files.
  • Remember to save all of your files as JPEG.

Step 2: How To Layout your Book
Using our custom templates allows you to build your book in a snap. The following layout guidelines and ideas will help you achieve the best results.

  • With the exception of the first & last page, each custom template is in a spread format that includes the gutter and trim.
  • Blue guidelines around the edge of a page represents the area that will be trimmed off.
  • Approximately ½ inch of image in the centre of a spread template is lost in the gutter of the book. Avoid any important part of the image in this area or adjust image to accommodate this lose.
  • The templates are in SRGB color space, use this working space if you are prompted to when opening Adobe Photoshop (Preserve Embedded Profiles).
Tips for Using the Cover Template

Your Cover template is specific to the book size you choose and will be labelled A, B, C, D, OR E COVER. Be careful to choose your correct size of book. The cover template is set up to include wrap around and spine area. The wrap around area (3/4”) is not visible on the bound book cover and images should be placed with this in mind. Keep people and the focus of interest well within the guides.

Fabric Covers: Fabric Covers do not require a cover layout.
Dust Jackets: Please use the cover layout template for the dust jacket creation.

Tips for Using the Page Templates

Your Custom designed templates are labelled by book size in a similar manor as the cover templates; by the size book; e.g. A02-02, B 02-203. Do not alter these file names.

Gutters: The page templates are designed to accommodate binding. For a double page spread template (ie. A02-03 jpg), place images so that focal points do not fall in the gutter area. The bride in the picture below will have her face caught in the binding.

The bride is now placed in the proper position.

Any area on the image, which may be inconsequential to the look of the spread, can be placed across the gutter (the Bride’s hand in this image will be lost in the binding process).


Our custom templates include bleed areas as well. Place any images that will bleed (carry to the edge of the bound book) tight to the outside edge guides. Be careful to place the focus of interest well within the bleed area.

The bride and groom are placed to the edge of the template; therefore the background of the picture will bleed .

Step 3: Place Order and Upload Files
Now that your custom designed pages are completed you can proceed to place your online order. A few more simple steps and your book is on its way.

Here are a few reminders:
Your files have been prepared using our templates.
Do not change the color profile that is embedded in these files.
Use only the page number designation on the templates we have provided.
When the template name is E02-03, use the same name. Do not alter files names.

  • Step A:  Copy your completed designed files into a folder on your desktop.
  • Step B: Proceed to Order your book.
  • Step C: Name your folder containing your completed designed files the order number you were assigned online. For multiple books order add 01,02,03 etc. to the end of the order number (ie. 10674, 1067401,1067402 and so on).
  • Step D: Zip your folder prior to uploading to our FTP.
    • For Mac Users – use control + click on folder, then select create archive.
    • For Window Users – Zip file with Zip software – WinZip.
    Example of acceptable items for FTP upload:
    Folder Name Zipped File Detail
    10674 10674.zip Single Book Order
    1067401 1067401.zip One Book of Many Books being orderd
    1067402 1067402.zip Second Book in Order
    1067403 1067403.zip Third Book in Order
  • Step E: After ordering your books online, you will be provided with an FTP address and password for uploads. Using the FTP information you have been provided proceed to upload your files to our server.
  • Step F: FTP Upload Information :

    Host ID is: ftp.embassydigital.com

    To access our FTP, you require a Host ID, a Username or ID and a Password.
    Host ID: ftp.embassydigital.com
    User ID: probooksem
    Password: embassy1

    The server is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
    There is no limit as to file size to be downloaded or uploaded.
    All files should be Zipped or Stuffed.
    User ID and Password are case sensitive (ie. probooksem not PROBOOKSEM)

    FTP software such as Fetch for Mac or Smart FTP for PC is suggested. These programs and others like them can be found on www.tucows.com.

    PC’s can upload and download via Internet Explorer by typing the following link: ftp://ftp.embassydigital.com. You will then be prompted for a user ID and password (case sensitive) before the folder contents will appear.

    Mac users can only download via browser such as Fetch or cyberduck regardless of whether you use Safari, Internet Explorer or Netscape. Attempting an upload on a Mac without a browser will launch the program that created the files instead. This is a Mac limitation not ours.

    Astkey Gilbert CSRs are notified immediately via email when your upload or download is complete.


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